Tien Giang - Viet Nam

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013 - 3:57 AM

Tien Giang located in South West with two seasons:rain and suny. So this is the place that all of the tropical fruits such as Trung Luong plum, Vinh Kimstar apple, Cai Be Guava, Tien Giang orange, Hoa Loc mango, banana, duran, rambutan, logan,...


There are many old pogodas such as Vinh Trang, Phap Bao, Thanh Truoc,.. but the best famous is Vinh Trang. The structure was built in a mixture of Angkor(Cambodian), Chinese anh Vietnamese architectural styles. Especial is traveling on the river. Taking a boat trip that covers areas of Cai Be floating market, My Tho market and the four islands of Long, Lan, Quy and Phung. Or rowing on small boat or the junk  along the canals of Mekong River, the air is very pure and cold. Pass the nipas, stopover at the local house on Thoi Son Island to enjoy fresh fruits and honey tea while listening to traditional music performance of “Tai Tu” is wonderful. Fishing is also a good choice. Visit the coconut candt factor and savor the taste of this special is exciting. At lunch, tourist can choose fresh fish food such as grill fish, roast fish or fish cooked with sauce, sweet and sous fish. And the local people is very good, honest and hospitable.