Five Vietnamese restaurants in the list of 101 best Asian food place in 2013

Monday, December 2nd, 2013 - 8:48 AM

The website of wellknown American cuisine, The Daily Meal, 5 restaurants voted Vietnam in the top 101 best Asian restaurant in 2013.

Vietnam Restaurant is the highest positioned, 21 in the list is a Lemongrass restaurant. Born in 1996, The Lemongrass Restaurant is a high end Restaurant in District 1, HCM city, that Vietnamese Cuisine from all the Regions of Southern and Central Vietnam. Restaurants with French design mixed with bold layout Vietnamese cultural subtleties.

It also details the plenty of foreign customers preferred by warm space, the Vietnamese dishes and superb bars serving cocktails than 200 of the world popular, countless beverages and wine from France , UK, USA, Australia, Chile.... Some south vietnamese specialties like the Cua Lot (deep fried soft shelled crab), the Go Hai San (seafood vermicelli noodle), the Chao Tom (prawns in sugarcane sticks), Canh Do Bien (sour seafood soup) various Vietnamese Spring Rolls and more.

Positioned 28 is Ngon Restaurant (160 Pasteur- District 1- HCM city), where the amount of Vietnam street food is very attractive ornament. 

Ngon offers a range of Vietnamese food from all around the country, and certain of the suggested essential are the “West Lake” Shrimp Patties, Vietnamese Rice Pancake “Banh Xeo”, “Mi Quang” Tumeric Noodle Soup, “Ngon” Pork Salad and Vermicelli in Soup with Pork Leg and Indian Taro Stem.

Placed 58 is best suited 1888 La Maison Restaurant (Son Tra Da Nang), with the involvement of famous chef Michel Roux,offering French cooking with gentle tastes of Asia.

La Maison 1888 is a chef-d'oeuvre restaurant in InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort in Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang. La Maison 1888 is one of three restaurants and two bars spread throughout the resort.  While only launched in Christmas 2012, the restaurant has lured a lot of attention of "the rich taste exquisite". The restaurant placed in the astonishing place with cool views. Either indoor or outdoor space was fantastic. There has countless enjoyable dishes and drinks. Never miss the dessert, although you are full, they are able to make you surprise.

Stand in 71 positions is Hoi An restaurant that is located in so 11 Le Thanh Tong Street, District 1. Hoi An Vietnamese Restaurant is an classy spot to take a good evening with a calming and stress-free atmosphere filled with live traditional Vietnamese music. Its specialized is the fantastically tasty plump, buttery shrimp grilled in a banana leaf with a dip of limejuice and salt. It is a waste not pointing out the wonderful traditional Vietnamese recipes like the yummy spring rolls or cao lau – thin slices of pork and shrimp along with crumbled pieces of crisp sesame cake deliciously set on top place of rice noodles.

 And the Mandarine restaurant is ranked 95, with Vietnamese cuisine located in Ngo Van Nam, District 1, HCM city.

On a noiseless side street between busy Le Thanh Ton street and the river, cross the threshold at Mandarin and you join a quaint, delicate retreat that will have you disregarding the seething city outdoors. Style is an enhanced Chinese design with wood supports, good Chinese screen paintings, and graphics on two open-plan surfaces. Some exclusive food are   excellent spicy sautéed beef served in bamboo with rice, the famed duck done in a sweet "Mandarin style.", The steamed lobster in garlic, fried soft shell crab with pineapple sauce

Members ranked restaurants votes of more than 50 professionals, food experts, writers, popular blog owners commonly journeying offshore and they have stayed a very long time in Asia.

Leading the record of 101 best Asian restaurants is Thai Phong Dinh (Din Tai Fung), a Taiwanese restaurant known for recipes dumplings. Howerver China is a country with the most restaurants were voted (28 out of 101), mainly situated in the capital Beijing.