Ngan- unique seafood of HaLong.

Friday, July 25th, 2014 - 3:44 AM

Ha Long is not only known as a beautiful Bay but also has delicious seafood. This is Ngan. Ngan is bigger than Clam and has many times more nutritious than Clam. It also can treat diseases such as Alzheimer's, arthritis, anemia. Ngan is abundant and easy to catch in the summer-autumn season because they often burrow deeper into the sand during the winter. Experienced anglers in Quang Ninh say it is not easy to catch the clam, which live in saltwater and can only be caught when the tide is low. Local find them by scanning the sand for the tiny holes they create.


Ngan used to be an abundant and popular family food in Quang Ninh. Nowaday, Ngan becomes special food for tourist in restaurants when they vist HaLong- Quang Ninh. Indeed, the Ngan seems to be everywhere in the cuisine of the province's eponymous capitol where restaurant-goers can pick out their own Ngan from aerated buckets and tanks at most restaurants. Ngans are grilled with spices and wrap them in tin foil before throwing them on the grill—this seals in the flavor. Especial Ngan porridge is best for nourish a woman who'd just given birth. It was widely prescribed to women recovering from childbirth. Ngan are also imbibed in a local rice wine infused with clam juice. To prepare a simple delicacy, people tosses a hash of raw minced Ngan into a bowl of rice wine to create a kind of alcoholic ceviche.