Y Ty space lovely scene within the clouds

Thursday, May 26th, 2022 - 11:50 AM

Y Ty space lovely scene within the clouds

The characteristic of Y Ty upland is clouds. The roof of the Ha Nhi folks typically disappears in floating white clouds, sometimes disappears like mushrooms in the middle of a fairy garden. All these moments passed very quickly, and then shrouded everything in the white color of the clouds. Y Ty, a mountainous territorial division in Lao Cai province, is legendary among Vietnamese trekkers for its beautiful cloudscape. 

 Y Ty in Bat Xat District, concerning seventy klick  north of the holidaymaker town of Storm Troops Pa, is sort of isolated due to the high mountains close north-western Vietnam. The community, that sits 2,000 meters on top of ocean level, is home to the H'mong, Dao, Giay and hour angle Nhi ethnic minorities. set at an altitude of 2000 m, Y Ty is roofed by  clouds and fog all year round, and also the sun seldom shines brilliantly enough throughout the day. Y Ty is legendary for the zigzag paths, the peaceful valleys, the sparkling terraces underneath the yellow lights of the sun, the straightforward very little homes of the ethnic villages, the colours of the traditional forest and the clouds harmonised with the mountains. If you come back to Y Ty, you ought to visit the Muong Hum market. Like different highland markets, the  Y Ty market brings with it the cultural colours of the North West' ethnic minorities. This market sells every kind of handcrafted products, clothes, jewelry, handicrafts, designated foods, fruits, and so on Also, you need to visit Hong Ngai Hamlet, Sin Chai Hamlet and Lao Chai Hamlet with the special design of Mong ethnic group; rubber-necking on the attractive and spectacular road to A Lu throughout the rice harvest and specifically "follow the clouds" in Y Ty with the trekking tours.It is fascinating to see the attractive sunrise and sunset within the murky ocean  in the early morning and late afternoon within the "cloud searching" season, from Sep to April each year, Y Ty forever looks to be coated in white, floating clouds. White clouds unfold across the valley, wrap round the mountains and hills, swooping down the roads to the upland. the upper you go, the additional clouds there are, and also the morning daylight spreads across the mountains and forests. Clouds in the sun sheeny silver, blown by the wind.

Additionally to the rattan hunting season, guests will come to Y Ty within the 9 rice season from August to Sep and also the canola flower season from December to when the lunar new year.

Moreover, Y Ty may be a border commune adjacently to China, therefore you would like to tell your presence to the border posts wherever you pass by.  In addition, you ought to prepare food, drinks, woolen hats, coats, gloves, sleeping bags, and skinny blankets to make sure that there are not any dangerous things occurring unexpectedly and keep heat at nighttime as a result of the weather in Y Ty is differential between day and night.